We understand that videography is one of the first things to get cut from a wedding budget.  So we are offering it as part of our DJing packages.  This is a low cost amateur video, it is uncut and unedited.  Whatever the camera picks up both audio and video wise is what you get.  This video package takes the place of having a friend or family member shoot the video.  Instead we can do it for you.

Videography  (Mini DV Tape) $350 (up to 6 hours of coverage)

Videography  (DVD or Second Location)   $400  Inc. Mini DV Tape

Videography  (DVD and Second Location) $450  Inc Mini DV Tape

Screens and projectors:
We now offer screen and projector rentals.  You don't even need to pick it up, we will do the work for you.  If you rent a screen and projector from us, one of our guys will stop by your venue, with screen, projector, DVD player and cables.  They will set everything up for you, run your slide show or video montage and then break everything down.  The only thing you need to worry about is getting us the video montage.

Cost: $250  
Or if you would prefer, we can put the slide show together for you.
Up to 100 Pictures (Must have pictures at
least 2 months before Event Date)

Additional $25 per week if not received 2 months out $25

Screen & Projector Rental
(Inc set up and running video)

Slide show and equipment rental $500

Up Lighting:
We offer up lighting, we can shine the lights up the walls of your venue and we can add color to them, or we can put them under your head or sweet heart table and your cake table to make the table cloths glow.  It is a very classy looking effect!

Cost: $15 per light



Dance Floor Lighting:
Are you looking to take your event 1 step further?  You can add lighting for your dance floor.  These are intelligent lights that move and change designs with the beat of the music.  Our lighting packages include between 3 and 4 different lights.

     Cost: $150 

Second System:
If you are having a ceremony and reception at the same facility but at different places at that facility, we can cover both your ceremony and reception.  We will bring 2 systems with us. 1 for the ceremony, and a second for the reception.

     Cost: $150  

Larger systems:
Your system will include your DJ, his audio equipment, and his music library.  We bring a 2 speaker system with us which can easily accommodate events up to 250 guests.  If you prefer a 4 speaker system, we can add an extra pair of speakers.

     Cost: $150 for the pair  

Bubble Machine, Mirror Balls, or Smoke Machines:
Give your event just that little something extra.

    Cost: $50 each.